Residential vs Commercial Roofing: What’s the Difference?

Here at Springtown Roofing, we are often asked if there is actually a difference in the construction of residential and commercial roofs. Our answer is always a big yes. We can’t say that one is easier than the other as they are two completely different kinds that require a different set of materials, design, installation process, and even expertise.

Below are the glaring differences that you can take into account before deciding on building a roof for your home or business.

Design – Design is probably the biggest difference between a commercial and residential roof. A commercial roof tends to be flat or with a low slope because it has to cover a larger area, easier to build, and can carry more weight. This is why establishments and buildings like offices, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals usually have flat roofs. The problem, however, is that a commercial roof requires more attention and maintenance in the long run.

A residential roof, on the other hand, is not limited to design as it can be as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible. It also requires less maintenance.

Material – Typically, both roofs use asphalt shingle and metal pane roofing. The real difference between the two will depend on weather conditions, design, size, and budget. Usually a commercial roof would need stronger yet more affordable material, while a residential roof can be creative in terms of color and kind. For instance, some establishments that contain heavy machinery have to worry about ventilation and heat discharge, while houses can opt for eco-friendly materials.

Installation Process – It is usually easier to find a roofer for your home than business because building a residential roof is pretty straightforward. When installing a commercial roof, the roofing services professionals need to be more knowledgeable and meticulous as they have to worry about weight load, air flow, external and internal piping, and smokestacks.

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