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Are you living in the Annetta Park area? If so you probably have dealt with some pretty bad weather at one point or another. There isn’t much you can do as a homeowner when a tornado hits, or giant hail and rain. The only action you can take is usually getting the best hiding spot and making sure you and your family is safe. Once the storm has finally settled, the next thing to do is check the condition of the home.

Oftentimes, the result of the storm is a destroyed or severely damaged roof. The after effects of the damage can lead to water damage inside the home and tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Before that happens, let Springtown Roofing fix the roof and return to an optimal level or protection. At Springtown we understand the need for a roof that works properly and are ready to work hard to help you protect your home. If you live in the Annetta Texas area and are in need of a team, call us at a Springtown. Also, read more to learn some facts about your home.

More on Annetta

Annetta is a town in Parker County Texas and a small one at that with a population of less than 2,000 people. It’s named after the founder of the town’s daughter. Mr. Fraser, the founder, built a station along with a general store in Annetta in the 1870’s, it was then that he named the town.

Annetta is a family town with 324 of the 361 local households being families. There are about 510 people per square mile, making Annetta a densely populated town. By household, Annetta seems to be a middleclass area with the median income for a household at about $80,000. However, by a per capita income level it’s well below the poverty line with the average per capita income being just under $26,000.

The zip code used in Annetta is 76008 and the area code is 817. Annetta is a great place to live except for the destructive weather patterns and what that weather can do to a home’s roof and siding. When you’re in need of a team to handle any roofing or siding needs, call us at Springtown and we’ll get your home back on track.

Why Springtown Roofing?

At Springtown Roofing of Annetta Texas, we aim to give you the best job possible. Our team is trusted in the area with a superb reputation. That’s because we’ve worked hard to help the people of Annetta keep their home & business beautiful and working at an optimal level from a roofing and siding standpoint. If you live in the area and are in need of any assistance, please contact us at Springtown Roofing and we’ll help you anyway we can.

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