Common Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch Out For!

Here at Springtown Roofing, we understand the challenges every homeowner faces amidst harsh weather conditions in Texas. It’s one thing to protect one’s home from strong winds, hail, and storm; it’s another to do this with a problematic roof. This is why we guarantee that every roof we build is made to last.

Unfortunately, not every roofer has the same concern and expertise. If you are currently having your roof built, below are some issues you need to watch out for.

Poor Installation of Shingles

This common mistake can cost you, from early repairs and leaks to a complete roof replacement.

  • Misaligned shingles – Only a subpar roofer can make this mistake. You can immediately spot this when the shingles are no longer parallel and the joints are no longer on the same horizontal plane.
  • Incorrect overhang – If your shingles are too hanged over the roof, then they can be easily blown off or water can seep in underneath.
  • Shortened shingle exposure – Your roofer needs to follow the advised measurements for the right exposure of shingles or else they will be left prone to collecting water and moisture.
  • Overlapping shingles – There are times when a roofer installs new shingles over the old ones, causing the entire frame to be heavier. This is bad not only for the added weight, but also for the potential mold or dirt collected from the old one underneath.
  • Mismatched shingles – A new roof should also be aesthetically pleasing. To avoid having different shades of shingles, make sure to stick to only one manufacturer.

Wrong Usage of Nails

It is a general rule for roofers to use at least four nails per shingle. However, others are still trying to cut corners and not only use less nails, but also place them either too high or too low. This can create gaps between shingles or damage them altogether. The tough part is that the untrained eye can’t always detect this until water has already seeped in and damaged the roof.

Failure to Prepare for Winter or Hail

A responsible roofer in Texas should understand the dangers and future risks that every roof will face. This is why we make sure that roofs should be prepared for the ice and possible snow storms in the winter, intense heat during the summer, and potential hail, storms, and strong winds all year round.

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