Common DON’Ts When Filing an Insurance Claim

Dealing with a damaged roof is already a hassle, try thinking about the lengths you have to go through to claim your insurance for repairs. The problem with insurance claims is that many homeowners tend to make the simplest mistakes that can lead them to pay for the damages themselves. Below are some don’ts you can avoid in the future.

Waiting for the Damage to Get Worse

Insurance companies generally have a leeway for homeowners to file their claim. Many have a one-year policy, while others allow months to pass by. Still, don’t wait that long. File for a claim as soon as possible mainly for two reasons: first, it will be easier for you to recall facts about the events that transpired; second, there is a risk that the damage will get worse through time. It is also important to remember that failure to address a leak or hole in your roof can be spotted as negligence on your part.

Lack of Documentation

Documenting the state of your roof is vital not only to show the extent of the damage, but also to prove that you are in no way at fault or negligent. It is ideal to update photos of your roof and its surroundings annually. Also, keep receipts, notes, and any proof of roof repairs and maintenance. When making a claim, there is no such thing as too much evidence.

Hiring Roofers Who Lack Credibility

Be wary of storm chasers. Shady roofers might come knocking on your door and offer you very affordable repair services, but it is still better to take your time and find the right one who can meet your needs and budget. Going for the cheapest roofer might lead to further repairs in the future. It is still better to ask for referrals, get to know each potential roofer, and find a team who is both reputable in your community and preferably with experience in dealing with roofing claims.

Contacting Your Insurance Company First

It might be your initial instinct to call your insurance company and ask for a claim right away, but don’t do this hastily. It is always better to make your claim when you are fully equipped with the cause and extent of damages and the estimated cost that you will need. The only way to have all this information quickly is to have professionals assess your roof first.

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